Scorpio Intelli-Hybrid launched at Rs. 12.84 lakhs

Scorpio Intelli-Hybrid

Mahindra & Mahindra has announced the launch of its new Scorpio Intelli-Hybrid at the priced Rs. 12.84 Lakhs (ex-showroom Navi Mumbai) for the top-end S10 2WD. This new Intelli-Hybrid technology is available in 2.2 Litre mHAWK engine for the following variants of Scorpio: S4, S4+, S4+ 4wd, S6+, S8, S10-2WD and S10-4WD (only Manual Transmission). While the base variant S2 with 2.5L m2DICR engine, automatic transmission variant and the Scorpio 1.99L mHawk (available only in Delhi/NCR, because Supreme Court banned new registrations of passenger diesel vehicles over 2000cc in Delhi NCR region) variants are not equipped with the Intelli-Hybrid technology.

Intelli-hybrid technology is basically an auto start stop feature which replaces Mahindra’s Micro-hybrid system and company claims that the Intelli-Hybrid technology reduces fuel consumption by up to 7% by assisting the engine with electric power during acceleration, automatically switching the engine off while the vehicle is stationary (start-stop) and re-using brake energy, which would otherwise be wasted to charge the battery.

As per the company Scorpio is the first SUV with mild hybrid capability continues to be a trend-setter in technology and also first in its class with a CRDe engine, 6-speed Automatic Transmission, first to offer Micro Hybrid start-stop technology and also it was the first car with Voice Messaging System in India.

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