10,000 number of Nissan Leaf Electric Sold in Europe

Nissan LEAF Customer in Europe1
Nissan sold 10,000 of its LEAF models in Europe and a nurse name Mrs. Lailler from Paris has become the 10,000th Nissan LEAF customer, further cementing the ground-breaking zero emission car’s status as the best-selling electric vehicle of all time. She bought the 100 per cent electric family car after being impressed on the test drive.

Mrs. Lailler said “I purchased the car because its low running costs really make sense for my work. I needed a proper family car and I wanted a zero emission vehicle to replace my diesel hatchback – the Nissan LEAF was the best choice. My family were reluctant to get an electric vehicle, but after the test drive my husband told me he wanted it to drive to work. He will not get the keys from me easily though!”

Nissan LEAF Customer in Europe2

She continued: “As a nurse I know the effect that the poor air quality in Paris has on people, so it makes me feel good to know that by driving an electric car, I am not adding to that. I will mostly be using it for work, driving between patients, but I am also looking forward to taking the LEAF on the Autotrain to the south of France with my family for our holiday in the summer.”

The Nissan LEAF went on sale in Europe in March 2011 in a handful of markets and is now available across the region as the demand for electric vehicles increases. In March we sold over 1,000 LEAF models, which was the best month since the car was launched. In April we were the second best selling car overall in Norway.”

Nissan LEAF Customer in Europe

The new Nissan LEAF, which is being built at Nissan’s Sunderland factory will go on sale across Europe in June, with over 100 changes and upgrades inspired by real life customer feedback.

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