Tata Motors launched Tata Indigo CNG and Tata Indica emax CNG

Tata Motors launches CNG variants with its popular passenger vehicle Tata Indigo emax and Tata Indica emax will be available in Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Tripura.

Tata Indica Indigo Emax

This new Indigo emax Sedan range is powered by fuel efficient state-of-the-art engine, with CNG and Petrol bi-fuel system. The Tata emax have a low carbon footprint of 0.251 g/km and 0.338 g/ km, fuel efficiency of 23.7 km/kg for Indica emax and 24.6 km/kg for Indigo emax. The vehicle has output 65 hp @ 5000 rpm an additional range of upto 230 kilometres (in CNG) over 650 km (in petrol).

The Tata Indigo emax price range starts at Rs. 4.99 Lakhs and goes uptoRs 5.27 Lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi,for the Indigo GLSandIndigo GLX, respectively.

Tata Indica emax hatchback delivers better torque and an additional range of 230 kilometres (in CNG) over 600 km (in petrol). The vehicles spacious interiors set the standards for space and comfort, making it one of India’s favourite vehicles in the personal and business segment. Like it’s bigger sibling, the new NVH package & the advanced F-Shift (TA65 Cable Shift) gear box makes the new Tata Indica emax, one of the most comfortable hatchbacks in its segment.

The Tata Indica emax price range starts at Rs.3.99 Lakhs and goes upto Rs. 4.26 Lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi, for the Tata Indica GLSand Tata Indica GLX, respectively.

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