Nissan GT-R ‘Bolt Gold’ Charity auction from Nov-22

The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt is taking his passion for speed and performance, and his desire to help others, and applying them to charity. A unique 2013 model year “Bolt Gold” GT-R will go to the highest bidder in a global online charity auction to be held on eBay from November 22 to December 2, 2012.

The highest bidder in the charity auction will become the owner of  a 2013 model Nissan ‘Bolt Gold’ GT-R, which is painted the same gold color that left a lasting impression on Olympic champion Usain Bolt at a fan appreciation event hosted by Nissan in Yokohama on October 11.

Usain Bolt join Nissan as a brand ambassador in June 2012, and he recently became the company’s honorary “Director of Excitement” for the new Nissan “What IF_” global brand campaign. Nissan is preparing a special model “Premium Edition GT-R” 2013, painted in Bolt Gold for the charity auction. The car will feature a gold plate embossed with Bolt’s signature and his autograph.

The car will be auctioned on eBay Motors page at And bidding is set to begin at 12:00 GMT on Thursday, November 22, and ends at 11:59 GMT on Sunday, December 2. Bids will be limited to residents of countries where the GT-R is currently sold.

All proceeds from the online charity auction will go directly to the Usain Bolt Foundation established by Bolt to give back to his community and help children in Jamaica.

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