New ultra-light Zenos E10 sports car

The brand new ultra-lightweight Zenos E10 sports car is going to revealed at Autosport International show on 9-12 January at Birmingham’s NEC. Itis the first model from Zenos Carsat,

Zenos E10 sports car technology

This two-seater car is powered by a mid-mounted 2.0 litre Ford engine producing 200bhp. Weighing only 650kg, it will generates a power-to-weight ratio of 300bhp/tonne and covers 0-60mph in under five seconds.
Beneath a body that’s set to consist of 18 panels, the unique chassis architecture lends itself to the Zenos name: a combination of ‘zen’ to represent purity, and ‘os’, loosely Latin for ‘vertebra’.

A single, aluminium extrusion ‘backbone’ spans the length of the E10, delivering impressive torsional rigidity, accompanied by an aluminium rear sub frame and a safety cell incorporating twin roll hoops and side-impact protection. The flexibility and low investment demand of the Zenos platform architecture has been recognised through a development grant from the Niche Vehicle Network.

The driver and passenger sit either side of the spine in an integrated carbon composite monocoque, constructed from recycled carbon fibre as a skin with a thermoplastic core; a lightweight, strong and cost-effective solution.

Autosport International exhibitors Alcon, Bilstein, Corebeau and Titan are among the partners involved in the project.

Zenos E10 sports car

The E10 is due to enter production in late 2014, with first customer deliveries expected during the opening quarter of 2015. Based on the same chassis architecture, two further models are in the pipeline for the next five years, a Roadster, Project E11, and a GT Coupé, Project E12.

With its E10 launch at Autosport International, Zenos Cars will be among more than 500 companies showcasing the latest in performance engineering technology at Birmingham’s NEC. Over £1 billion worth of new business in the sector was generated at the 2013 show, which includes two days dedicated to industry professionals, 9-10 January.

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