Maruti Ciaz Hybrid launched in India

Maruti Ciaz Hybrid
Suzuki India has launched the Maruti Ciaz Hybrid SHVS, first compact segment Smart Hybrid Diesel car in India for more fuel efficiency and comfort drive. Carrying the same 1.3-liter DDiS diesel engine but SHVS (Smart Hybrid Diesel Car) technology, that generates 89.7PS of power at 4,000rpm and 200Nm of torque at 1,7500rpm mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Ciaz Hybrid offers a fuel efficiency of 28.09 kmpl positioned for the most fuel efficient diesel car in the country.

Maruti Ciaz Hybrid features highlights:

The SHVS diesel engine integrated with an ISG (Integrates Starter Generator) technology and an advance high capacity battery. Vehicle is equipped with smart hybrid features like Idle Engine Start/Stop, Power Assist and Brake Energy Regeneration.

Smart Hybrid: The idle engine start/stop function will turns off the engine automatically when the car is idling and it restarts the car as soon as the clutch is pressed. To re-start the engine, the system uses the stored energy. Restart is by belt driven ISG thereby assuring quick and silent restart.

Power Assist: The stored energy in advanced high capacity battery assists engine power during acceleration. This results into improved engine efficiency and prevents unnecessary loss of fuel.

Brake Energy Regeneration: Regeneration of the kinetic energy makes it a true Smart Hybrid Diesel Car. The ISG converts the energy from braking/deceleration of the car and stores it in the battery. This stored energy is later used to drive the ISG, to assist the engine’s idle start-stop function and assists the engine during acceleration.

Gear Shift Indicator: Prompts the driver to effectively change the gears, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency.

The standard safety features like Dual Airbags, Seatbelts with Pre-tensioners and Force Limiters, ABS with EBD, Rear Parking Sensors and camera, Fog Lamps and Rear Defogger.

Maruti Ciaz Hybrid Price, Ex-showroom Delhi:

Maruti Ciaz Hybrid SHVS price:

  1. VDi SHVS : Rs. 8,23,000/-
  2. ISG VDi (O) SHVS : Rs. 8,37,500/-
  3. ISG VDi + SHVS : Rs. 8,81,500/-
  4. ISG ZDi SHVS : Rs. 9,52,501/-
  5. ISG ZDi + SHVS : Rs. 10,17,500/-

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