Five important tips before buy Used Cars

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When you buy a new car from the dealer you get complete guarantees and trust of quality from the Manufacture Company and Dealer too. But if you are buying a secondhand car then you cannot fully trust on second hand car dealer or individual seller. Therefore, when you are buying an old car then you should be alert, and surely should pay attention to certain very important things. Generally, there are some things in second hand cars that most of the people don’t have more knowledge about. In such a case, it is very difficult to find out that there is no problem in the second hand car you are buying. Here we are giving you some basic tips and information, from which you can avoid cheating.

Exterior Look Check:

You have to look carefully at the car’s exterior look. If there is a properly paint on the car and the brightness of the paint is good, then you can say that the car is properly maintained. Always check if there is a difference in the body paint of the car.

If you find any difference in the color of paint in any place, then it should be understood that it has been corrected to hide from scratch or dent. Check with the fingers between the gap between the bottom and the top of the door, that there is no gap or rough space. If this is the case, then it indicates the work of accident or repair paints.

Tyres Check:

Observe the Tyres carefully and see if the tyres are worn in same way. Check the outer and inner part of the tyres. To check the tyres threading is enough, put a coin in it and check how much it goes in. If he does not go too far, it means that there is a need to put new tyres in the car.

Interior Check:

You should also check the interior fittings and all the switches. Make sure all the features are working. Check the speakers along with the infotainment system.

Engine Check:

You must also check the engine. Open the bonnet and see how the surrounding area of the engine is clean. If you see oil leakage, then it means it is under maintenance. Check that the engine belt is fits correctly and is not bogged down. Also check engine oil color, if it is black and dirty, it means that the car has not been properly maintained. The dirty engine fuel is also a sign of the problem. Check the car’s old service record, whether there was any engine problem.

Take Car Test Drive:

After seen the car Exterior, Interior, Tyres and Engine condition well, you should test drive the car on final stage. Check the car is easily getting started and is stopping. Listen carefully to the engine’s sound. Check whether the sound is bad or not. Also check the brake while driving the car too. If vibration is coming in the car while breaking, it means that the brake pads have started to rub. Drive the car on a bad road, and check there is more noise out from than the cabin or not. If the noise is coming more then it means that the body panel and the door fittings have become loose.

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