Best car in India under 3 lakh

Best car in India

Small car market has always been quite big in India, even new players have come into the market with hatchback models, so now customers have more options in this segment. Here I am listing the best car in India under 3 lakh. The customer can choose the car according to their needs. If your budget is Rs. 3 lakh or less then, here I am going to inform you about the 3 best small cars in the country. And also this is the right time to buy a car as companies are offering good discounts and other offers due to GST implement from next month.

The first one is Maruti’s Alto 800, which is the largest selling small car in India. It is the most preferred car of the Middleclass family due to low cost and low maintenance. It has 800cc engine which gives the power of 48 PS @ 6000 rpm and 69 Nm of torque @ 3500 rpm. Also company has increased the mileage by 9%, now it gives 24.7kmpl of mileage. The car is available with the starting price tag of Rs. 2.46 lakh in Delhi. You can buy this car on 3 year or 5 year posture EMI. The maintenance of the car is not too expensive, which is a big plus point.
Maruti Suzuki Alto
Maruti Alto 800 ex-showroom Price in Delhi for all variants:

  • STD – Rs. 2,46,752
  • STD (O) – Rs. 2,52,752
  • LX – Rs. 2,80,752
  • LX (O) – Rs. 2,86,752
  • LXI – Rs. 3,06,752
  • LXI (O) – Rs. 3,1,2752
  • VXI – Rs. 3,25,752
  • VXI (O) – Rs. 3,31,752
  • LXI CNG – Rs. 3,67,752
  • LXI (O) CNG – Rs. 3,73,752

The Datun Redi-Go comes in the second low cost car in India, and this is really good looking car. The front look of the car is sporty and modern while the back side profile looks stylish. Its design is such that every age group would like buy it. The space is good in the car, but company did some cost cutting in some parts. Its 800cc engine works well that gives 54 PS of power (6 PS more than the Alto 800) @ 5678 rpm and 72 Nm of torque @ 4386 rpm. The car can deliver 25.17 km mileage in the same liter. The air conditioner of the car works really well in the summer session. Redi-Go ex-showroom price starts at Rs. 2.41 lakh rupees in Delhi. Currently company is offering great offers also with this car.
Datun Redi-Go
Datun Redi-Go ex-showroom Price in Delhi for all variants:

  • D – Rs. 2,41,200
  • A – Rs. 2,86,300
  • T – Rs. 3,14,000
  • T(O) – Rs. 3,25,700
  • S – Rs. 3,40,750
  • Sport – Rs. 3,64,754

Looks like SUVs Renault Kwid is also giving an amazing performance in its segments. The buyer is getting attracted towards it in 800cc engine model. Its front design is looking great but there is no special attraction in rear side. The car gets fresh cabin with lot of great features including touch screen entertainment navigation system is quite good. Apart from this, the car has same Redi-Go powered 800cc engine with same power of 54 PS of power (6 PS more than the Alto 800) @ 5678 rpm and 72 Nm of torque @ 4386 rpm, which can deliver 25.17 kmpl of mileage. The ex-showroom price of Renault Kwid starts from Rs. 2.64 lakhs in Delhi.
Renault Kwid
Renault Kwid ex-showroom Price in Delhi for all variants:

  • STD 0.8 – Rs. 2,64,734
  • RXE 0.8 – Rs. 3,07,206
  • RXL 0.8 – Rs. 3,32,312
  • RXT 0.8 – Rs. 3,66,576
  • RXT 0.8 Driver Airbag Option – Rs. 3,79,576
  • RXL 1.0 – Rs. 3,54,312
  • RXT 1.0 – Rs. 3,88,576
  • RXT 1.0 Driver Airbag Option – Rs. 4,01,576
  • RXL 1.0 AMT – Rs. 3,84,312
  • RXT 1.0 AMT Driver Airbag Option – Rs. 4,31,576
  • CLIMBER – Rs. 4,26,576
  • CLIMBER AMT – Rs. 4,56,576

Another important thought comes in mind of before buying the car, which is after sale service and market value, So no doubt for Maruti cars in-terms of service and value after sale but according to the user review and research Datsun and Renault have few problem after sale and service.

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